Change starts with one little step

If you’re finding it hard to get started, or if you want to take your training to the next level, you should join one of our challenges. Running from 4-10 weeks long, they are a great way to kickstart your fitness journey. 

Each challenge includes special group classes, nutrition tips and weekly motivation to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. 

We’re not just a health club! Don’t forget unlimited pool access is included in each of our challenges so you can include a swimming routine in your workout. 


Previous Challenges

8 Week Challenge Oct 2023

Are you looking to gain muscle, tone up, or simply get the jump start on getting fit in time for summer? Our 8 week challenge is perfectly timed to help you shred those winter indulgences in just a few weeks.

MRT 8 Week Challenge October 2022

Metabolic training is a well-documented strategy used by everyone from soldiers to athletes to everyday gym-goers to maximise muscle gain and shed excess fat. The idea behind metabolic training is to do specific intense exercise intervals to increase the efficiency of your body’s metabolism (hence metabolic training).

6 Week Challenge April 2023

Are you looking to lose some weight, gain muscle and increase fitness post Easter? Our 6 week challenge is perfectly timed to help you shred those summer indulgences and kick start a fit and healthy winter.

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When it comes to health clubs, the proof is in the pudding. We know you need to come and see the space for yourself, take a class, check out the equipment and have a dip in the pool before you commit. So come and join us for a one-day free trial and let us show you what our Health Club can do for you.